2009 conference video recordings

You may view here video recordings of several participants of Culture|Futures. To view the video please click on the icon.

Olaf Gerlach-Hansen of the Danish Cultural Institute and Co-founder of Culture|Futures, talks about the history and aims of Culture|Futures and about moving the cultural agenda towards an Ecological Age by 2050 through the creation of a ‘spiral of engagement’.

 Trevor Davies, Founder of Copenhagen International Theatre (KIT), discusses the lack of interest from the cultural sector on this topic, and how it is important for cultural actors to start being ‘hands on’.

Nadezhda Savova, President of the International Council for Cultural Centers, talks about innovative ways of engaging communities in sustainable development: “bread as art and art as a way of life”.

Anna Maria Orru, architect and research curator talks about inspiring people through spaces in the built environment and describes how SCENE (a network that connects interdisciplinary research and practise) uses systems thinking to create innovative sustainable development projects.

 Cathy Fitzgerald, artist and ‘green’ policy influencer, has been thinking about arts and ecology for the past ten years. She talks about the enormous challenge facing the cultural sector in terms of climate change and how cultural institutions can support artists without stifling their creativity.

 Artist Clare Patey talks about how to involve people in the creation of a ‘cultural shift’ and her own projects including the “Ministry of Trying To Do Something About It” that has produced a carbon ration book with the New Economics Foundation and her ‘Feast on the bridge’ project that reclaims Southwark Bridge in London and turns it into a public space to celebrate local food and community.

Geoffrey Read discusses the work of the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) in areas where heritage is at risk, and practical programmes INTO undertakes relating to conservation, energy use and climate change.

Award-winning architect Mario Cucinella focuses on the relationship between buildings and energy and the need for architects to take responsibility for creating cultural and sustainable conditions for people to live. Mario talks about how culture is becoming increasingly important in communicating about climate change – why and how we all need to change our buildings and our behaviour.

Simone Poutnik is a young social entrepreneur and co-founder of The Hub in Brussels (The Hub is an international network of social innovation spaces) who convenes artists and innovators in hosted spaces to find answers to difficult questions and helps people move towards a sustainable future through collaboration.