Welcome to Culture | Futures

We are Engaging the Cultural Sector in Creating an Ecological Age

Culture|Futures is an expanding spiral of engagement of cultural actors around the world who are moved to engage their work and creativity to sustain human and all life.

We do this through:

  •      our communication platform, allowing cultural actors to connect and share knowledge globally
  •     our conferences, workshops and event templates, fostering inspiration and sharing of best practices across disciplines and cultures
  •    our network of key cultural institutions/organizations around the world committed to innovating their own daily practice
  • our Culture|Futures Clubs creating networks for creative professionals and students in cities around the world
  •     linking the cultural component with some of the world’s cutting-edge urban sustainable demo-programs



The cultural transition between now and the dawning of the Ecological Age in 2050 will require fundamental changes in people’s mindset and behaviour linked with political, business, and technological developments

The Culture|Futures 2014 is:

  • Over 1000 institutions around the world working with culture have agreed to change their future daily practices to become sustainable by achieving economic benefits, optimizing resources in cultural production, exploring new creative content inspired by rethinking nature/ecology and by building new mindset in communities and city/region by communication with audiences.
  • At least 100+ major popular cultural institutions around the world achieves results to be recognized as ‘eco-leader ambassadors’

The Culture|Futures 2020 vision is:

  • Cultural actors around the world have through their daily practices accelerated global mindset and behavior changes for an ecological age.
  • There will be a supportive public and cultural environment for reduced CO2 emissions, reduced ecological footprints, and an increased human development index as per global targets for 2020.

The Culture|Futures 2050 vision is:

  • Cultural resilience in support of a reduced carbon footprint, a balanced ecological footprint, and global human development index improvement as per global 2050 targets.
  • The Ecological Age, where human beings live in a way which sustains human and all life, is a reality


Global Protectors for Culture|Futures

Rajendra Pachauri,Chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Director-General of TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) in India.


Jan Gehl is a Danish architect, MAA & FRIBA, Professor Emeritus, Founding Partner at Gehl Architects – an urban research and design consultancy. Jan Gehl is global champion of people focused urban planning.


Culture|Futures Clubs is awarded the Council of Europe Cultural Event Label 2012